Amanda & Dan at Celebrations Banquet Facility in Ithaca, NY

    Last Friday, I had the honor of photographing Dan and Amanda's wedding in Ithaca, NY. This couple has many wonderful times ahead of them.

    I wanted to include a couple of the shots from the Couple's session that Dan and Amanda wanted to do the day before the wedding. I took them to one of my favorite spots in Hammondsport, NY.  

    Celebrations Banquet Facility did a beautiful job of putting together Dan and Amanda's big day. I had never photographed a wedding at this venue before and I was very impressed with how well they ran the day. The banquet hall for the reception was laid out beautifully and scattered throughout the room were little details made just for Amanda and Dan.

     I absolutely LOVE shooting weddings outdoors. From a photographer's standpoint, it means plenty of light and easy-to-set exposures. The ceremony took place on the grounds of Celebrations. There was a beautifully kept space with a lovely walkway leading from the reception hall to the white tent for the ceremony. Amanda and her father shared some nervousness as they walked together towards the altar.

    The pre-ceremony nerves all faded away as the new couple made their way back down the aisle.

    I must comment on the shot above and go slightly into a photography nerd moment. It is my absolute favorite from the entire day. As the photographer, I have the privilege of taking the first photos of a couple after they are married. The excitement, relief, and joy is always evident in those moments.

    On a technical note: Check out the bokeh! You've got to love shooting 200mm at f2.8! Blurred the background out beautifully! ... Okay, nerd moment over.

    I repeatedly found myself photographing Amanda's two adorable neices throughout the night. They were perfect flower girls! They were also usually the ones who were the first to the dance floor when they saw that things were getting too slow.

     The cake had a small meltdown before the couple could cut into it, but it was just as tasty even so.

Congratulations Dan and Amanda! Blessings to both of you!