Karahann and Andrew's Wedding- Centerway Square, Corning, NY

These two hold the current record for last-minute booking with me. 5 DAYS before their wedding they called and asked if I would be their photographer as theirs had just told them he couldn't make it. Since it was a Sunday in March I had the day open and I said I would be happy to. 

It was only a 3 hour job but it was right at Centerway Square here in Corning, NY. Easiest destination for me by far! I could have walked there. Karahann had told me that she would not be wearing a traditional wedding gown but rather a "purple dress". I was a bit disappointed, expecting something frilly and prom-like that wouldn't really make for great wedding photos. But once I got to the square and Karahann and Andrew came around the corner to meet me, any disappointment was gone!

Karahann's purple dress was accompanied by a whole vintage ensemble that was just beautiful; a black veil, gloves, and fur shawl just looked amazing, and Andrew was right there with her in a full length suit and black gloves. The two looked perfect and I was thrilled to photograph them. 

It was a good thing they dressed warmly. March is usually cold but this Sunday had a wind chill that must have brought the temperature to 0° or below. Extremely cold. I had to add on my winter (and not too dressy) coat over my suit jacket to stay warm. Easily, the coldest wedding I've ever photographed.

The wedding was a joy to be a part of. The bride and groom were troopers, making 15-minute photo session intervals between rushing back inside the ready room to warm up before the ceremony. Their families were there for photos after the ceremony as well. Very supportive and very cold. I did my best to get every photo that was desired before all of my subjects turned into icicles.

Every wedding is unique. The frigid weather, the beautiful vintage vibe that Karahann put together, and the joyful, supportive people involved, all worked together to make this one a very cool wedding..no pun intended.