Erik & Mary Namestnik at the Ravenwood Golf Club in Rochester

Erik and Mary's wedding reminded me how much I love this line of work. These two have such a contagious joy that it was just a pleasure to be around. After shooting their engagement session at Canandaigua Lake, I couldn't wait for the chance to work with them again on their wedding day. And what a day it was! Thankfully, I had an assistant for the day, my sister Bethany, to help make sure we captured everything that happened.

Mary's dress was the first thing we noticed that day. It was a family heirloom that had been worn by three of Mary's aunts at their weddings, the first of which was 48 years ago! Mary had added a long veil to the gown that trailed behind her as she walked down the aisle at St. Stanislaus Kostka Church, an absolutely stunning setting in Rochester, NY.

On our way to meet the wedding party at the reception, Bethany got a text from Erik saying that they were making a spontaneous stop for frozen yogurt! We wondered if we should go too, and then decided..., "Why not?! We are here to document the day and this is happening!" So we met the wedding party at the yogurt shop and got some shots there, too. The yogurt crew gave a few puzzled smiles when the wedding party arrived in full attire. (Mary was still wearing her gown and veil!) But everyone congratulated the new couple and Erik and Mary even got their yogurt for free!

My favorite part of the reception at Ravenwood was the Bridal Dance. This was something I had not seen before. Mary has a Polish heritage and this traditional wedding dance came from it. The idea was to encircle the bride with a barrier of chairs, leaving one entrance and one exit. Everyone lined up to pay a dollar to dance with the bride for a few seconds (which involved spinning Mary quite a bit), take a shot, and then get back in line to repeat the process, all the while playfully barricading Erik from reaching his bride! That is until the newly commissioned Army officer muscled his way through the crowd and swept his wife away off the dance floor! It was a lot of fun to watch!

Erik & Mary, I know you two are going to be great together! Congratulations! And thank you for letting me share your day with you!