Wedding Day Stress Relief Tips - Vlog

My wife of 10 weeks and I have a lot of experience with wedding days. Ria is a very skilled wedding planner, herself (our wedding was a breeze) and she and I decided to start making some videos to help couples with some of the details of their wedding days.

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#1 Make a written plan and schedule.

Make a printable, detailed list of arrival times for vendors, family and the bridal party. Also include the schedule times for all of the events of the day.

#2 Distribute the plan to EVERYONE.

Not to your wedding guests obviously, but make sure that all of your vendors have the written plan as well as your family and friends who have roles throughout the day. Make it easily printable.

#3 Have a point man/woman.

Don’t take it on yourself to be the point of reference for all those last minute questions. You are going to have a LOT happening emotionally and it is not a good time to have to answer questions like “Where do we park?” or “Where is the flower girls?”

#4 Schedule a break.

The best thing you can do for yourselves on your wedding day is make sure there is time for you to enjoy the day without having to rush from one event to another. Plan a time for no photos, no interaction with guests, and no agenda. Rest is good.

#5 Shut your phone off!

If you do nothing else from this list, PLEASE do this one. Turn your phone off for the WHOLE day. There is no reason for you to be on social media or worse be able to be contacted by people while you are experiencing your day. Phones…OFF!