Doug and Allison's Wedding Photography - Pine Cradle Lake in Rome, PA


I loved being Doug and Allison’s wedding photographer!

I believe that marriages should be celebrated and this wedding was definitely a celebration! I got to Pine Cradle Lake early with my 2nd photographer, Chris Golden to take some “getting ready shots” before the ceremony. Chris worked with the guys and I worked with the girls as they got their hair and makeup done. Allison told me she was feeling some nerves about the day. I told her it was totally normal and that she would feel much better after seeing Doug.
Later on, I watched as Allison walked up behind Doug for their first look. Doug turned around and beamed at his bride. I watched as Allison’s nervousness changed to joy and happiness as Doug held her and told her how beautiful she was and how wonderful the day was going to be. Way to go, Doug!
It’s that kind of support and care between a bride and groom that I love to capture as a wedding photographer. Having the honor to document so much happiness and encouragement for a newly married couple is why I keep doing what I do.
Congratulations, Doug and Allison! Enjoy these preview wedding photos while I get to work on editing the rest.

Two wedding photographers are better than one.

Special thanks to Chris who, who as mentioned above, was my 2nd photographer for the day. Having two wedding photographers working at once was great! It allowed each of us to focus rather than trying to see everything happening at once. It also means that Doug and Allison will have about double the usual amount of wedding photos, once I’m done editing them…I better get to work. Thanks Chris!

Second photographer - Chris Golden Photography
Wedding Venue - Pine Cradle Lake in Rome, PA
Wedding DJ - Jamie Tomb Entertainment