Alex and Jess - Elmira Country Club in Elmira, NY

Even though Alex and Jess were married 5 years prior, their wedding day was not lacking in emotion. I was happy to be shooting this wedding at the Elmira Country Club with Vlad Svyrydenko from Denko Imaging as my 2nd photographer. Having that extra coverage from a 2nd photographer is great both for the couple and me! Since Alex and Jess had married in 2013 and also had a little boy, Dean, I was expecting the ceremony to be…canned. Boy was I wrong! Alex and Jess both gave part of their story in their vows to each other and during that time I realized that the past 5 years of marriage seemed to contribute to instead of diminish them being all the more in love now. The night had a few surprises too. Alex’s brother who was also his best man was deployed in the Navy and couldn’t be present for the wedding day so there was a literal cardboard cutout of him in all the group photos throughout the night! I thought that was the greatest thing ever. Thanks to Ryan from Wildbyrd Productions who was the DJ for the night, he was able to video chat in his toast. Alex and Jess had impressive first dance too (they met at a dance class originally). But the biggest surprise of the night was when Alex shocked everyone with the news that Jess was 3 months pregnant! Wow! I was so happy to finish off my 2018 wedding photo season with Alex and Jess; what a great couple! Best wishes to you both!