Wedding Photographer creating elegant images from Syracuse, NY to Rochester, NY

Wedding Photographer creating elegant images from Rochester, NY to Syracuse, NY

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Joe Hy Wedding Photographer

Joe Hy - Portrait and Wedding Photographer

I grew up in the heart of the Finger Lakes in NY and every year I love to see the beauty that this region offers. As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the privilege to document weddings from Rochester to Geneva, to Ithaca, to Syracuse and all around. I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset and in 2010, I bought my first “serious” camera to start taking portraits for people as a business. I loved it! There is such a joy and satisfaction that comes when you see someone delighted by your own creative product. It was intoxicating. I continued taking all sorts of photos for people. Senior portraits, engagement photos, family photos, events, plays, sports teams, anything I could find. I still am an all-around portrait photographer but when more people started asking me to be their wedding photographer, I found that I was especially eager to say yes. There is an energy on a wedding day, a contagious joy and excitement. I have always valued my own family and I am honored and excited to be in charge of capturing the day that new families are formed. But the value that I had for weddings became so much more real once I had my own…

Photo Credit:  Gerritsen photography

Photo Credit: Gerritsen photography

My Family

My wife, Ria and I met…well…at a wedding, poetically enough. I was the wedding photographer and she was the wedding planner. Yes, it really did happen like that. We kept in touch for several weeks after that initial introduction (purely professionally, of course) but after accepting an invitation to a New Year’s Eve dance from her. I decided I wanted to ask her out…right at midnight. She said yes and so started my 2018. It was a happy way to start.

Since we both worked in the industry, weddings were a common topic of conversation while we were dating. So the talks eventually and naturally evolved into things like “What if WE….you know…had a…for us?”. Long story short, we did on March 16, 2019. I never realized how deep all the emotions of the day were.

Now Ria and I both work full time as a self employed wedding planner and wedding photographer. Although we technically have individual businesses, we both value marriage and we believe that a bride and groom’s wedding should be celebrated. We love to see families cheering and couples sharing their stories on their day. Not just checking off the “got married, had wedding” box, but really celebrating. We want to celebrate with our clients and to show the personal details and stories that makes their wedding special.

By the way, I know I’m biased, but Ria really does do amazing work as a wedding planner. I say that as her husband but also as a wedding photographer who has worked with her as a fellow vendor. Not to mention as a groom who’s wedding she planned! If you want a wedding planner, go to

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“…My wedding pictures turned out absolutely stunning!…”

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“…If you’re looking for outstanding photographs coupled with professionalism look no further…”

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“…We loved having Joe photograph our wedding! I am not usually a huge fan of photo shoots, but taking pictures with Joe was a very fun an enjoyable experience…”

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“…Do yourself a favor and book Joe to take your ceremony or engagement pictures. You will be nothing but completely satisfied…”

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